Negative Creep.

Daneel Johnstone. 23 year old singer, designer, cat lover and free-thinker. I own Black Sails Clothing and I live in Leeds, UK.

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Fresh Start

The King Is Dead broke up. It was a long time coming but I feel like I anticipated it much more than the other guys did. It was a bit messy towards the end but it was something that HAD to happen. I’m a firm believer in letting things die naturally rather than dragging them out and ruining their legacy, and in this case it gives us all a chance to start over and do something new. 

I’m gonna be using my blog again to keep people updated on mine and Thurlbs’ new musical adventure and to share some of my thoughts and outlooks and art and lyrics. Not because I think people actually give a fuck, but just so I’ve got something to keep me going.

And that’s it. I wish I had more to say.

I keep getting these weird waves of anxiety and depression, like something inside me is broken.


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